wsttAfter visiting our school for the first time last year the Irish we could welcome back the Irish theatre group “Wilde Shamrock” at the Schiller Gymnasium on März 13th. Starting with the 10th and 11th graders followed by the 8th and 9th classes they discussed several aspects on the topic of “globalisation”. Luckily they mostly spoke “Oxford English” with only a small Irish accent. But is the English language really as easy as it is supposed to be? Is it the optimal global language?
Well, at the beginning this seems to be true. But after reading out some examples from British or Irish writers like Oscar Wilde or Shakespeare this remains to be doubted.

It turns out that English does not equal English and every accent is clearly different.
Our Irish actors had a solution for this problem: globish - a form of English which everybody understands with a reduction in vocabulary. But would Romeo and Juliet be so heart-rending or Harry Potter so exciting if the books had been shortened to the essentials? Can language really only be reduced to words? Is the loss of language the prize for globalisation?
Definitely not. Every regional accent also represents regional identity, culture and tradition.
To emphasise the importance of cultural heritage the performance was interrupted by several Irish folk songs, such as “The Irish Rover” or “Molly Malone”, the unofficial hymn of Dublin.
So, we also learned that the Irish prejudices we all know like being red-haired and having pale skins, drinking lots of beer and loving parties cannot be denied, but are also part of the Irish identity just as the different accents in different parts of the country.
After almost two hours of entertaining singing, dancing and acting it was up to four of us to climb the stage and perform parts of The Chronicles of Narnia together with the actors.
All in all it was a diversified show with lots of insights into the Irish culture and language.



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